David Walliams – Reviews

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

David Walliams by Victoria Tilstone (Brewin Dolphin)

David Walliams proved to be as delightfully entertaining in person as he is in his books, at Marlborough’s Litfest performance on Sunday. Both adults and children alike, listened in glee to David’s magical storytelling, reciting excerpts from both Gangsta Granny and The World’s Worst Children, with Windy Mindy prompting giggles from the entire audience.

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Ade Adepitan’s interview with David was simply captivating and all the children (and more than a few adults!) were clearly mesmerised to see such a prolific author (with book sales of more than 25 million worldwide), in person at Marlborough College. David shared a few of his thoughts about how he came to choose his book characters and how they related to people he’d met in real life. He talked about his family and childhood, giving us an insight into the real David Walliams.



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David welcomed several questions from the over excited children, presenting them with the opportunity to win prizes, before the event came to a close. The whole production was extremely well organised and it was clearly enjoyed by all. David was absolutely brilliant and I’m sure many children will have been inspired by his performance today.

Thank you for attracting such amazing talent to the 2018 festival and we very much look forward to seeing the programme for 2019. (Victoria attended the event as a parent, but is also an Assistant Director for Brewin Dolphin. Brewin Dolphin are proud to be the lead sponsors for the Marlborough Literature Festival.)



David Walliams by Eve Walker (age 11)

David Walliams was really funny and engaging. He was also generous in giving 10 people who asked questions a signed set of his books. He made all of his answers really interesting (for all ages, not just kids). Everyone loved it and we would love to see him again. It was also exciting to meet Ade and hear about his book, which I bought and he signed.

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David Walliams by Fred Hosier (age 10)

I think that watching David Walliams was extremely funny and exciting to watch. I loved how Ade was there interviewing David and which meant that everything flowed nicely. I had a particular interest of when David read bits from his books because he read with all the characteristics of everything that was happening in the book. I also thoroughly enjoyed the excitement at the end where everyone looked under their seat for a golden envelope. I definitely enjoyed my day and want to see David again.

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