What’s special about Marlborough LitFest?

Monday, April 24th, 2017

We believe Marlborough LitFest is a special literature festival. Here’s why.

From the start Marlborough LitFest has had a clear focus on writing.  It is first and foremost a literature festival, a celebration of the best writing, one that puts authors at the centre.  We’re keen to invite debut writers as well as established names, and we want fiction to be at the heart of our programme.  We have always paid our authors, no matter how well-known or unknown, and we do our best to make sure they enjoy the festival too.

Each festival starts with the Golding talk from a well-established fiction author, this year the novelist Will Self.  Past Golding speakers are Howard Jacobson, Fay Weldon, Louis de Bernieres, Salley Vickers and Lionel Shriver

There’s a Big Town Read for local reading groups, writing workshops, children’s writing competitions and story reading.  We also have open mic poetry in the pub, biography, history, politics, memoir, humour and of course lots of fiction.