The week before LitFest

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Well most of the reading has been done, authors’ travel has been arranged, the Town Hall has been polished (if only), and the last committee meeting has been held. Personally, I am very much looking forward to Marlborough LitFest 2013 and we all hope everyone else is too.

Once again we have some amazing ‘names’ coming to town, but I am actually excited about some of the less well known authors. I want to to ask Bernardine Evaristo if she ever met a Barrington Jedidiah Walker, Alison Moore how she knows about that flat, stale atmosphere on ferry boats, Peter Hobbs where his imagination is going to take him next, and Sarah Butler which part of London is her favourite. I expect Fay Weldon will be witty and opinionated, A.N Wilson will be precise and fascinating (twice), and Claire Tomalin will be insightful.

There are five days left to go and this week committee members will be preparing the LitFest café, putting up (more) posters, setting up the box office and sorting out the LitFest quiz. I am going to try to read two more books this week but I have lots to do on the website, Facebook and Twitter, plus we also have a new Instagram account (look for MarlbLitFest).

Dear reader, I hope you are as enthusiastic as I am about this year’s Marlborough LitFest and that it lives up to my and your expectations.