We Couldn’t Do It Without Our Sponsors

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

It is only through sponsorship that the LitFest, a charitable organisation, is able to produce a full programme of literary events as well as plan for future festivals with a degree of stability. So we arBrewin Dolphin sponsorship photo op credit Siobhan Boyle G&H May 2016e thrilled that our headline sponsor, Brewin Dolphin, has committed to provide another three years of support to Marlborough LitFest – having been lead sponsor for the past five years, since the start of the festival in 2010.

With the recent issue of some literary festivals not paying their authors (and in the case of Philip Pullman, pulling out of the Oxford Literary Festival in protest), we at the Marlborough LitFest have always made a point of paying our authors, right from the beginning. Thanks to sponsorship from partners such as Brewin Dolphin, we are able to carefully manage our budget so we can pay our authors as well as chairs and interviewers.

Brewin Dolphin has been with us from the very start of the festival in 2010 and without them, LitFest wouldn’t have got off the ground in the first place. So a huge thanks indeed for their continuing support. Brewin Dolphin makes a point of helping, where possible, with local culture, in the same way as they are committed to providing bespoke advice to its clients.


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