May 2015 – The year is flying by…

Monday, May 18th, 2015

LitFest meetingSo the year is flying by and here on the LitFest Committee we have been elbow deep in books, wading our way through ideas for authors to approach for this year’s Festival in October. Although the hard work actually starts back in November when we bring together ideas of all the authors we’d love to have for the following year. And believe me, our hit list is very long. And perhaps very ambitious. And we do have some animated discussions about which authors to target! But we like to aim high, particularly with our philosophy of putting the very best in writing at the heart of our Festival, whether it be from established, best-selling authors, or new, emerging talented writers. We like to champion them all.

(For those of you at all worried, we do allow ourselves at least one month’s respite between the end of one festival and planning the next – not including a large exhalation of breath from each Committee member, a congratulatory large glass of wine or two and general patting on back – especially of our wonderful and hard-working volunteers, without whom we simply could not pull off the Festival each year).

So, once the lovely authors we have approached graciously confirm to attend our Festival, then the fun and games starts with crafting the timings of the programme. Trying to ensure there are no clashes and that we give our lovely audiences enough time to get between each of the venues. Luckily in our wonderful market town of Marlborough, the venues are close by to each other (the Town Hall, the Merchant’s House and the Church Hall) which we believe enhances the intimate and friendly feel of our Festival.

Our 2015 programme is taking shape nicely; watch this space and the website for more details!