LitFest 2016 Review – Children’s Event : Sarah McIntyre & Philip Reeve

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

by Sophie Buxton (age 11)

photo credit Ben Phillips Photography

photo credit Ben Phillips Photography

My name is Sophie Buxton and over the weekend I went to Marlborough Literary festival to see a talk by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre, the team who have created four amazing books: Oliver and the Sea wigs, Cakes in Space, Pugs of the Frozen North and their last book Jinks and O’Hare FunFair Repair which they based their talk around.

The talk was beautifully presented and very interactive with the little children and the older in the audience. The show included an introduction into the world of funfair moon, the characters in the book and a game where you hooked the duck with a number on its bottom which related to a ‘fact’ on the clipboard Philip was holding. You then had to say whether it was wise (true) or Porky pies (false).

It didn’t stop there for then we were taught by Sarah how to draw ourselves with Jinks and O’Hare in a roller coaster car and then, to finish off their wonderful show we invented a board game which we then played.

At the end we got our books signed and Sarah drew something in the book depending on the story line. I really recommend their books for all ages.