Children’s ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ 8-11 years old competition – Winner and other entrants!

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Judith Kerr will be speaking about her famous children’s book ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ at the Marlborough LitFest on Saturday 9th September at 11:30am in the Theatre on the Hill, St John’s School.

Children from schools around Wiltshire were asked to write their own short stories about when someone or something interesting came to tea.

The winner of the competition was Alex Deadman, age 10, from Ramsbury’s Primary School, with his great story ‘The Minotaur Who Came To Tea’.



by Alex Deadman, Class 5, aged 10, Ramsbury Primary School


Gregory and his mum and dad were sitting at the table waiting.  They were waiting for Greg’s aunt and uncle to have tea with them.  Two minutes passed.  Three, four, five, ten, half an hour, an hour.  Then there was a knock on the door.  “At long last!” Sighed Greg, “Here they are!”


The door opened and cold frozen air rushed in.  But standing at the threshold was not Aunty and Uncle, but … from its feet up to its hip was a man and then from his hip up to his horns … wait, did I say horns?! Yes.  The creature was a minotaur! 


It snorted and said in its politest voice, “Please Mr, please can I have tea with you?”


Not to be rude, Greg said, “Of course, we’ve already got some food on the table.” 


The minotaur sniffed eagerly and dashed in.  Chomp! Chomp! Went the sandwiches.  Munch!  Munch! Went the biscuits.  Gulp! Gulp! Went the lemonade.  Crunch! Crunch! Chomp! Chomp! Munch! Munch! Gulp! Gulp! Went all the food in the house.


Finally the Minotaur was full and said goodbye and thank you and left. 


Suddenly a car pulled up at the drive.  “Oh no,” groaned Greg.  “It’s Aunty and Uncle …”


Other entrants include the following…



by Kirsty Giddings, age 8, Ogbourne St George Primary School


I lived in a little house in the countryside when there was a knock on the door.  I opened the door and I was shocked, amazed and excited to see a penguin.


“Hello there could I come in ?  I’m very hungry and I’m lost too.”


I was shocked but I still let him in.  He looked at me uncertainly then he waddled in.  I closed the door behind him.  I thought he looked hungry so I rushed into the kitchen and I rummaged through the fridge for my leftover fish from yesterday’s dinner.


Meanwhile the little baby penguin was waddling up the fluffy, soft, comfy stairs.  Finally he reached the top stair. He could see a door that was pushed open  a little so he waddled up to the door and squeezed through the tiny gap.


I was down in the kitchen carry a plate with a fish on top.  Looking all around for my cute, fluffy, tiny penguin.  Then I heard a creak of a door upstairs.  So I climbed the stairs two at a time and I was horrified my older brother’s door was open a crack.




I heard from inside the room so I pushed the door open even more and I saw my penguin jumping into the fish tank.  Luckily my brother didn’t notice a fish was missing.  Wink! Wink!



By Emily Giles, Marlborough


One day we were just sitting down to tea,

When the doorbell rang,

I went to the door and what should I see,

But …an umbrella?


This umbrella was not ordinary,

Here is what it did,

It turned around three times and opened out,



It turned into a handsome young wizard,

He cheerfully said …

“Well good afternoon, how are you today?”

And “Can I have tea!”


I said “Please come in, have some of our tea.”

He followed me in,

Then he sat down at our little table,

He gave me a plate.


He told us that he was a lost wizard,

Who could not do spells,

At least definitely not easily,

“I almost forgot …


I have brought something lovely for our tea,

Let’s try caramels,

ZAP! Sparks flew out for his colourful wand,

Caramel appeared!


He said “Now that is a spell I can do.”

It was a great tea,

He told us stories of things he had done,

Then he said he must go.


On his way out I asked him “Why he had …

Come as brolly?”

He simply replied, “I thought it was going …

To rain!”



By Joseph Kempster

An Astonishing Day!