Catalogues and Cats

Sunday, July 5th, 2015


A cat, a pile of books and a coffee – what more do you need?

It’s a hub of excitement and fevered, knitted brows at LitFest HQ in Marlborough as the committee gets down to writing copy for the programme catalogue. This is the exciting bit – now we have the authors confirmed, how to accurately and succinctly summarise what each author will be discussing as well giving a little background to each person. It’s no mean feat. Especially when we are truly excited by all the great pool of literary talent we have coming this year. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry and a little showbiz sparkle of the medium of TV via Hilary Mantel’s extraordinary Wolf Hall books. We believe we have something for everyone – children and adults alike.

So next it’s chasing the author photos and book jacket photos from the relevant publishers and PRs and working with our lovely local designer to craft and shape our ideas into an actual, 3D programme. Each of us on the committee has our own particular area of expertise underpinned by an absolute love of all things literary, so we all get our two cents’ worth of discussion in on the final product.

Meanwhile we have piles of our 2015 authors’ books to read before October (such a treat and a delight); here’s a photo of Jimmy the cat who managed to sneak into shot while committee member Kate’s been busy on the social media front. I think we can spot a strong cup of coffee in the mix too – always a help…

We hope to have the programme catalogues printed by July – fingers crossed!